Diamond LED Ceiling Panel Lights 60x60cms White and Blue LED

Double Square borderline Panel Light, 595x595, 40W 4000 lm, White (6000K) light in outside and blue light in inside


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  • Upgrade your lighting with the Double Square LED Ceiling Panel with white borderline and Blue LED Lights inside. This 60x60cm panel offers a unique and innovative design that provides a welcoming and visually appealing experience for your customers. With a power output of 40W and a daylight colour temperature of 6000K on the outer panels and blue colour on the inside, this panel offers high brightness and energy-saving performance. The recessed design allows for easy installation in offices, retail shops, and hospitality sectors with existing ceiling grids of 600x600mm or 595x595mm. The lightweight construction ensures convenient installation and storage. Enhance your space with this cost-effective and modern lighting solution.


    Unique and Innovative Design: The double square design of this LED panel creates a visually appealing and welcoming experience for customers. It adds a modern touch to your space.



    Cost-Effective and Energy Saving: The LED panel offers cost-effective operation and energy-saving benefits compared to traditional lighting solutions. It helps to reduce electricity costs without compromising on brightness.



    Easy Installation: The panel is designed to replace standard LED 600x600 panel lights. It easily fits around the edge of the tile and can be placed back on top of the centre grid tile. Installation is quick and hassle-free.



    Wide Application: This LED panel is suitable for various environments, including offices, factories, supermarkets, hotels, schools, hospitals, and restaurants. It provides reliable and efficient illumination.



    Dual Colour: It has nice bright 6000K on the outer border and Blue colour on the inside.




Parameter Value
Wattage 40W
LED Colour 6000K (Daylight) on Borders and Blue on inside
LED Driver CE & EMC Passed
Input Voltage AC220-240V
Power Factor PF > 0.9
Number of Beads 504PCS
LED Type SMD2835
CRI Ra > 80
Lumen 4000
Warranty 3 years
Application Office, factory, supermarket, hotel, school, hospital, restaurant, etc.

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