1195x295 Backlit Panels 2pcs Pack 40W 3600 lumens 2 years 6500K

ENERJ 40W LED Backlit Panel Ceiling Lights 1200x300 MM 6000K, Day White, 120x30 cm Rectangular Light for Indoor Lighting (Pack of 2)


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  • Simple structure, low failure rate, easy to maintain and repair.
    No LGP inside, so do not worry about the yellowish problem of conventional edge-lit LED panels.
    Wide PCB of light sources (SMD) with super heat radiation, low decay of light and long lifespan.
    PMMA optic lenses with high light transmission rate, and larger beam angle.
    Energy saving up to 90% compared to traditional bulbs.
    High brightness and efficiency with even light distribution, no bright spots, no dark areas.
    Instant start, reaching full brightness within 0.5 second.
    Flicker free, releasing eye fatigue and eliminating working pressure.
    Eco-friendly, no harmful elements.
    Active power factor correction design, high performance, low THD.
    CE (LVD & EMC), CB, SAA & RoHS certified.
    Multiple installation modes and accessories are available (Ceiling recessed / suspended / surface / wall mounting etc).
    Rated Wattage :   40W
    Lumens :   3800lm
    SMD QTY (pcs)  :   64
    SMD Type :   SMD2835, 9.0V 110mA
    Light Efficiency :   Up to 100 lm per watt
    Color Temp.  :   6000K
    Input Voltage :   220-240V
    CRI :   80
    Beam Angle :   > 120°
    Power Factor :   PF > 0.9
    Starting Time :   < 0.5 s
    Warranty :   2 years


2 piece Pack LED Backlit Panel 1195x295x30 MM With Light Efficiency of upto 90LM Per Watt, SMD Type SMD2835, IP20 Rating to Prevent Dirt, Moist and insects from Entering the Backlit Panel and 2 Years Warranty with Long Life

Simple structure, low failure rate, easy to maintain and repair makes it a Perfect Fit for Indoor Use for Kitchen, Home, Bathroom, Office, Hospitals, Schools, Liberaries and So On

No LPG Inside so No Worries about the Yellowish Problem of Conventional Edge Lit LED Panels, PMMA Optics Lanses with High Light Transmission Rate and Larger Beam Angle

Energy Saving upto 90% compared to traditional bulbs with High Brightness and Efficiency with Even Light Distribution, No Bright Spots, No Dark Areas, Flicker Free, Instant Start Releases Eye Fatigue and Eliminates Working Pressure

Eco Friendly, No Harmful Elements with CE (LVD & EMC), CB, SAA & ROHS Certified

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