LED CANOPY Lights for Fuel Stations Recessed or Surface 6000K

120 Lumens per watts, Affordable Price

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  • After dark, petrol stations can become frightening places, motorists need to be able to fill up without fear. The key to making gas stations more inviting, and safer, for customers is adequate lighting. In fact, a well-lit petrol station will be the one many customers pick over one that is poorly lit, simply because of the safety and comfort factor. Using older style ballast lights on will increase your costs. To manage the need for a well-lit space with the demand to cut running costs, consider making the switch to LED canopy lighting. These lights are more powerful, use less energy and produce a white light making it ideal after dark.

    • A powerful LED light source with a unique design to be used for Petrol Station Lighting. Extensive Options can replace all types of Standard MH Lights
    • Aluminium Heat Diffuser, Shatter Proof Lens. High Thermal Conductivity, Low Luminous Decay, Pure Colours & No Heavy Shade
    • The unique design of Radiator fuses with the Lamp Box perfectly hence diffuses the heat conduction efficiently which reduces the temperature of the inside lamp & ensures the LED long lifespan
    • No Flickering, No UV Radiation, Great Efficiency
    • Ideal for Petrol Stations Canopy Lighting Also perfect for Industrial Usage, Warehouse & Supermarkets, Workshop’s, Factories, Warehouses, Highway, all Stations, Gas Stations, Malls, Exhibition Halls, Stadium’s & other vast areas



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