160W Car Showroom Light 6500K

Elevate your car showroom or garage lighting with our 160W Car Showroom Light. 440mm*23.6mm *38.1mm (24pcs),PC T5 Tubes, 6500K, 100-120lm/W

  •   SKU - T303

  • Description


  • Elevate your car showroom or garage lighting with our 160W Car Showroom Light. This innovative lighting solution is designed with precision to bring out the true colors of your vehicles or objects, making it perfect for car showrooms and other commercial spaces. Its unique hexagonal combination design not only adds a touch of style but also ensures exceptional illumination. The 6500K color temperature provides a daylight-like lighting experience, reducing glare and flicker for optimal visual comfort.

    The wider T5 tubes and larger light-emitting surface offer a broader range of lighting, ensuring every detail is highlighted. Installation is a breeze, with a tight fit that prevents loosening over time. Thanks to its DIY design, you can create custom shapes to match your preferences.

    Each tube features quick connectors for easy assembly and comes with ceiling-mounting hardware for hassle-free installation. This Hexa-tube 5 Pack LED is ideal for both vertical and horizontal surfaces, making it perfect for various applications, including auto shops, mechanic garages, small warehouses, and professional workshops.

    Experience bright car showroom lighting with a soft diffuser, perfect for detailing and showcasing your vehicles with precision. With a total lumen output of 62,976lm and a lifespan of 25,000 hours, this lighting solution is built to last.


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