SKY Panel 60x60cms with Cherry blossom trees 2D Effect (4 pcs set)

By coupling 6000K LED panels with a realistic high-resolution picture, you will really feel like you are working outside when you are actually inside!

  •   SKU - E153

  • Description


    • ENER-J's 600mm x 600mm Sky / Cloud Cherry Blossom Trees LED light panels (actual size 595mm x 595mm) provide a beautiful, relaxing, stunning and realistic Artificial Sky effect, and are perfect for office, corporate, recreational and medical spaces, where they will create a wow-factor!
    • The total size of the image when the 4 panels are fitted together is 1200mm x 1200mm.
    • By coupling 6000K LED panels with a realistic high-resolution picture, you will really feel like you are working outside when you are actually inside!
    • The colour temperature of our light matches daylight. This makes it feel like you are actually looking outside through a real window, and visitors and employees also experience the positive effects of daylight when they are inside.

    They will:

    • Result in more energy for you, your colleagues and your visitors
    • Reduce anxiety, due to the sense of outdoors
    • Provide a wow-factor within your reception area, office, or even children's nursery!


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