Window style LED panel set 120 X 60 Surface Mounted set of 2 units Grassland Design

Window style LED panel set, 120 X 60 Surface Mounted, Grassland Design

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  • APPLICATIONS: Ideal to create the perfect ambiance in an office, meeting room, foyer or waiting room. The unique artificial sky light along with landscape view creates the illusion of having a beautiful view outside your window


1)This new and exciting product can brighten up even the darkest of basements. With a super bright natural daylight LED, this lightbox can create the effect of natural light in any room.

2)Includes 2 x Surface Mounted 120x60 LED Panels that come with 2 drivers each (total 4) which just need to be powered.

3)BRIGHTNESS: With high Lumen output this is a very bright panel complimented with a bright Daylight 6000k output that replicates light on a summers day at noon.

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