30W High Lumen 595x595 Backlit Panels 2pcs Pack Lifud Driver 4800 lumens 5 Years 6500K

30W High Lumen 595x595 Backlit Panels 2pcs Pack, Lifud Driver, 4800 lumens, 5 Years, 6500K

  •   SKU - E155

  • Description


    • 160 Lumens/Watt – highest efficiency LED panel on the market.
    • Better Lumen output – Higher Light Transmission Rate Diffuser
    • Backlite, Integrated driver for easy install
    • High Color Rendering – True color effect.
    • Replaces traditional 4x Fluorescent tube grill fitting at 30% power consumption.
    • Applications: Office Lighting, Conference Halls, Hospitals, Hotels, shopping malls, Showroom and lobby cabin, Kitchen and Domestic Lighting


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