Smart Home Technology System Helps in Securing Your Home

8th May 2019

Home innovation can help forestall undesirable obstruction and watch out for what's going on outside and within your home. These frameworks are advantageous to work. You can run them on your tablet or cell phone over cell information or Wi-Fi. The different highlights and advantages offered by this framework make them an unquestionable requirement to have in your home.


29th March 2019

Winter mornings and hot water baths are one of the most blissful joys in life. The bath calms your soul. It is a therapy for the mind as well as the body. Hot water baths can improve your body circulation and can relieve your muscle pain. These reinvigorate your frame of mind and help you sleep better. 

Thus, all in all, it can be said that Hot Water Baths are quite beneficial to your physical, mental and emotional self. It is the Hot Chicken Soup for your soul.

Smart Homes Are Worth It

22nd February 2019

Years ago when the internet was in relative infancy, it would have been hard image the smart home we have today. Appliances connected to internet, automated task and voice activators that allow us to tell our homes what to do. Smart home technology can help prevent unwanted interference and keep on eye’s what’s happening outside and inside of your home. These systems are convenient to operate; you can run them on your tablets and smart phones.


8th February 2019

Sometimes a camera says more than people. Firstly, people might not be willing to talk, especially if something important is at stake. Secondly, people can lie but recording can’t. What security camera record is a fact? Modern IP security cameras can overcome all these obstacles and be a better witness, than any other person.

With incre


25th January 2019

With the passing of time, the methods and minds of burglars get smart. Nowadays they make use of every technological tool to keep an eye on your property. With a smart home security system, you harness your home Wi-Fi network so you can monitor and also control a range of security devices in-app from your smart phone. Thanks to the internet of things, you can remotely control door locks and light to streamline your entry and exit using nothing but your phone. De


28th December 2018

When purchasing a hot water system, it is important that you choose one that fits your need.  Hot water Taps are the smallest utilitarian object in your kitchen or bath; yet,


21st December 2018

Technology has not only helped minimize efforts in terms of physical and mental tasks, it has also significantly contributed to enhancing human security in ways that were considered impossible earlier. Use the CCTV camera for security surveillance of your house and valuables. Security for the home has become an important issue of late. The IP cameras works together w

Say goodbye to keys and combinations

13th December 2018

 The Ener-j Smart Bluetooth + Fingerprint padlock is presently promoting and includes a unique finger       impression sensor for opening, and also a companion application with a Blueto

1 Way 1gang Wireless Light Touch Switch / Wall Switches

6th December 2018

Ener-j digital touch switch with an elegant and luxurious design is available in silver steel brush body. The wireless light touch switch is also available with RF remote functionality to connect to your home automation system to be able to contro

6th December 2018

Wi-Fi Power Strip Extension Box with USB

29th November 2018

A Power Strip Extension (also called as an extension block, power bar, plug board, trailing socket, plug bar, multi-socket, multi-box, multiple socket, multiple outlet, pole socket and by several alternative variations) could be a block of electrical sockets that attaches to the tip of all-round cable (typic


16th November 2018

While we set our home and deciding which light suits your home,while rise in the utility bills/expensive power supply there is need to keep eye on being less use of lights.Thanks to our modern technology that gave us such an advantage to use led ceilings that consumes less power.


Shop Online Smart Bluetooth + Fingerprint Padlock

26th October 2018

Time changes and so as technology biometric lock efficiency has produced the prevalant lock system and key system outdated,also there is a risk of loosing a bunch of keys. Now ew can use the smart bluetooth fingerprint padlock system to secure our homes which gives us no hassle at all, the basic factor with this

Wifi RGB LED Strip Controller

12th October 2018

Wifi Led strip controller lights to create a static and dynamic lightning for different atmosphere, a perfect solution for home decorative lightning.


3rd October 2018

Everything you need to know about smart home automation that deals with home alarm and outdoor solar siren, there are many options when it comes to choosing one factor that needs to consider is reliability, easy setup, cost-effectiveness.

Outdoor Wireless WiFi IP Camera

26th September 2018

When trying to decide on the best system for your property, there are many considerations that are involved. There needs to be a solid balance of the resolution that the camera can capture as well as the expense that is invested. Understanding the needs of the space is also high in importance.


19th September 2018

Extractor fans are essential for residential and for commercial purpose. From kitchen to bathroom extractor there are wide variety available but one’s selection is dependent upon the type of usage you need, whether fans lifespan will be good enough or not.

Extractor fans generally have the setup of three main component including FAN, CAPTURE PANEL, GREASE FILTER.

Instant Water Taps

11th September 2018

                           When we talk about home automation, wireless instant water taps are increasingly important for modern kitchen, giving homeowners the ability to save on energy bills and also to make their life ea

Wifi led bulb UK

27th August 2018

wifi led bulbAnyone can play technology, but the future belongs to those who use it to create. ENER-J is amongst one of them who look forward to improve reliability, efficiency, functionality, security and making investments and sponsoring demonstration aimed at bringing new technologies. Everyone has their own imaginary home,

Home Automation growing in Popularity: Real Estate

11th September 2017

With the world pretty much at our fingertips these days, home automation is growing in popularity.

From locks to lights, living is easy inside Nik and Tara's Leicester home.

"You sort of forget how seamless it is and it&#

Smart homes evolving and changing our everyday lives

11th August 2017

We’ve all seen the progression from corded landlines to mobile phones, and from mobile phones to smartphones. Now we’re witnessing smart homes emerge, changing the way we live everyday life.

From WiFi-enabled crockpots to smart door locks, home automation is no longer a thing of the future. Today’s home has an average of 10 smart devices, and by 2020, this number is expected to soar to more than 50. There are gadgets on the market for just about every aspect of dai

The 5 Gadgets You Should Immediately Install in a New Smart Home

4th August 2017

So, you’ve heard about the smart home revolution, but you’re not sure where to begin. It’s understandable — there are hundreds of devices and apps vying for your business.

Starting your smart home setup on the right fo

Key to success of Smart Home Automation- Keep it simple but smart

12th July 2017

About Smart Home automation

Home automation is when different technologies and systems are integrated together into a single control system which allows one system to automatically control another without you explicitly having to request every action.
The extension of commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) controls into the residential market alongside smart lighting and security solutions has since revolutionised how home owners interact

How Many Home Security Cameras Does Your Home Need?

5th May 2017

Boxes are unpacked, the couches are unloaded, and you’ve managed to move into your home without breaking any of the dishes during the process. Your new home is larger than the last and you have a lingering question on your mind. “How many home security cameras do I need in the home?”  

The Amount of Cameras Necessary
As you might have guessed, the number of cameras necessary to protect a home is fully dependent on the variables present in the hom

Which Extractor Fan Control Should one choose?

5th May 2017

Control options explained...
To help better understand the control options available for our domestic extractor fans, please see descriptions below, along with some wiring suggestions and tips:

Extractor fan controlled on/off via a separate switch...

The on/off control option is basically live and neutral electrical connections to your fan (earth is not needed). As no switch is provided, you can simply wire to your own switch, plug or circuit.

Will Virtual Assistants Revolutionize Home Automation?

27th April 2017

Advancements in virtual-assistant technology will likely spur growth in home automation. Deciding which digital assistant works best for your smart-home use really depends on individual preference.
Almost everyone with a smartphone is familiar with some of the capabilities of voice-controlled virtual assistants. Siri from Apple Inc. was the first out of the gate and may be the most well-known. Google Assistant from Alphabet, Inc. is

All you want to know about your IP Camera

27th April 2017

What is an Internet Camera (Also Known as a Webcam)?
Internet cameras go by a lot of different names. You might hear them referred to as "IP or "internet protocol" cams, "network cameras" or "webcams." Whatever you choose to call it, an internet cam is a camera that sends and receives data over a local area network (LAN) and/or

How Do I See what’s happening in My Home or Office When I'm Not Around?
 It's become incredibly easy to check in on yo