29th March 2019

Winter mornings and hot water baths are one of the most blissful joys in life. The bath calms your soul. It is a therapy for the mind as well as the body. Hot water baths can improve your body circulation and can relieve your muscle pain. These reinvigorate your frame of mind and help you sleep better. 

Thus, all in all, it can be said that Hot Water Baths are quite beneficial to your physical, mental and emotional self. It is the Hot Chicken Soup for your soul.
But then, it is not an easy procedure to achieve the specified desire.



However, ENER-J’s Instant Hot Water Tap can come to your rescue.  It gives you the flexibility of heating the element inside so no separate line would be required to get some hot water. 

If you don’t even have combi-boiler nor have to heat the water separately, then ENER-J's this particular product is perfect for you. Stylishly designed and astonishingly finished, this tap adds an aesthetic appeal to your washroom.

But with Touch Screen/Adjustable Temperature on the Top/Constant Temperature settings, this Hot Water Tap Model Number BW1001 is ideal not only for your washroom but also for your kitchen, small offices, HMO's, student accommodations, portable vans, etc.


The appliance can, ergo, provide convenience to you, be it during cooking meals, during bathing, during cleaning of your abode or even when you're not feeling well. Make sure the appliance is intact, and the fittings are complete. The main power supply, water pressure, grounding condition, ammeter and wire shall reach the standard requisites of installation of the product.

Description of the Product:
This tap instantly provides you with hot water. You do not have to wait and waste your time in obtaining the same.
 The tap has a stainless steel body and a stainless steel faucet.
It is fabricated with the latest patent heating technology and works on 3.3kw power, requiring a voltage between 220-240V/50/60Hz. The power cord can be connected above/ under the table board.
The product has a double section created separately for cold water & hot water supply. It has a touch screen to operate the temperature setting (Auto 300). The LED Digital has an outlet temperature & setting temperature. Both of them are clear at a glance. The instilled memory function avoids repeated operations. The work pressure is 0.02 to 0.6MPa and, the minimum water flow required to activate the unit is 1litre per minute. Double Micro-Switch controls avoiding dry heating. The nozzle of the tap can rotate in 180°.

With these many opportune factors, you should purchase ENER-J’s Instant Hot Water Tap today itself.