Key to success of Smart Home Automation- Keep it simple but smart

12th July 2017

About Smart Home automation

Home automation is when different technologies and systems are integrated together into a single control system which allows one system to automatically control another without you explicitly having to request every action.
The extension of commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) controls into the residential market alongside smart lighting and security solutions has since revolutionised how home owners interact with domestic systems and appliances through an expanding combination of hardware, communication protocols and electronic interfaces.

Certainly, the use in domestic environments of IP cameras, motion detection hardware, door opening sensors and remote controls has surged, though from a low base.
The ubiquity of wireless networks using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and to a lesser extent ZigBee and Z-Wave in the home has also helped. They have provided the communications channel that devices, sensors and back-end software systems need to transmit, store and analyse the information collected.

Home automation low in the UK but set to grow extensively

The home automation sector in the United Kingdom is set to grow in spite of the fact that it is seen as one in its infancy stage at the moment when compared to the rest of the developed European countries like Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands or the United States.
Home automation is popular in small households as well as large corporate buildings in many European countries. But the United Kingdom has been quite slow in adopting the new automation technologies and standards. However, there are quite a number of companies that are emerging and moving home automation in the UK to a whole new level. These companies are making use of the UK’s growth potential in this industry and developing technologies that are readily available to end-users.
Though they have steadily fallen in price, home automation devices remain expensive and are likely to remain so until their popularity reaches a tipping point that will persuade large scale manufacturers to drive down costs further by producing equipment in higher volumes

Whats in it for Electrical Wholesalers?

Electrical Wholesalers in the UK are waiting for some new product that will help them increase their sales specially after great success of LED Lighting. Smart Home Automation requires some level of technical understanding and will also require the wholesaler to educate their customers. However due to limited time in hand, electrical wholesalers are not pushing for these products as they don’t have time helping customers with installation of smart home.
ENER-J is a brand dedicated to making smart home solutions easy to use and affordable. Their products will help customer become more energy efficient and also adopt technology to improve their lives and have more free time to spend with their loved ones. You don’t need to buy any HUB for their products and all their products work on wifi. Please see some of their products

  • Wifi Video Door Bell with inbuilt battery
  • Wifi Smart Plug (connect any appliance and manage from your smart phone)
  • Wifi LED RGB Bulb
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  • Wifi IP Camera with Door Sensors, PIR Sensors, Smoke Alarm & Outdoor Solar Siren- complete Smart Home Security Kit managed via your smart phone