Wi-Fi Power Strip Extension Box with USB

29th November 2018

A Power Strip Extension (also called as an extension block, power bar, plug board, trailing socket, plug bar, multi-socket, multi-box, multiple socket, multiple outlet, pole socket and by several alternative variations) could be a block of electrical sockets that attaches to the tip of all-round cable (typically with a mains plug on the other end), permitting multiple electrical devices to be powered from one electrical socket. Power strips are usually used once several electrical devices are in proximity, like for audio, video, pc systems, appliances, power tools, and lighting. Power strips usually embody a breaker to interrupt the electrical current just in case of overload or a short circuit. Some power strips offer protection against power surge. Typical housing designs might represent strip, rack-mount, and under-monitor and direct plug-in.

Energy saving UK Power Extension Lead has following features

Wi-Fi CONTROL: The 3 AC outlets can be controlled separately and the 4 USB charging ports can be controlled together by the APP on your phone or tablet remotely. So you can control your electronic devices in your home or wherever you go.

SAFELY POWER YOUR HOME: 3 AC ports with surge protector provide maximum protection for all of your home electronics. Fireproof shell houses and protects high-performance electrical components.

SMART QUICK-CHARGING TECHNOLOGY: Even power distribution ensures devices are fully charged when you need them. Sends the right amount of current your device needs, which allows for high-speed charging and extends the life of your electronics. Four 2.4A USB ports available to charge your mobile devices; when all four USB ports are used at once, each port uses 1A each. (30 Watts rated power, max current 4A).

INTUITIVE INDICATOR LIGHT: Each AC Power button lights up when the corresponding power socket is on; it will also show on your phone synchronously. ALWAYS STAY SAFE: Equipped with overload, overheating, surge, and short-circuit protection to ensure extended usage.