1 Way 1gang Wireless Light Touch Switch / Wall Switches

6th December 2018

Ener-j digital touch switch with an elegant and luxurious design is available in silver steel brush body. The wireless light touch switch is also available with RF remote functionality to connect to your home automation system to be able to control your home from wherever you are.

This C series touch panel switch is designed with a gorgeous crystal panel that gives any home or office a sleek and modern look. The touch light switches have adopted IC intelligent chips which make them more sensitive on touch control, very similar to the technology used in the latest generation of mobile phones.

The mechanical switches that are commonly used utilize contactors which can cause electric arc (sparks) sometimes. Thanks to Ener-js digital technology there is no risk of electric arc and no need to worry about the life of the contractor.

Installation is an easy task; anyone with basic handyman knowledge can accomplish it. An instruction manual is standard included with each ener-j touch switch.

Description of the product include-

  • NO WIRING REQUIRED: Free Installation---Our Wireless Kinetic Switch can be Installed Anywhere without Running Wires. The Receiver is wired between the Light Fixture and the Power Supply. The Key Panel does no need any Wired Connection. Wireless Remote Control Enables Easy Operation Anywhere, Anytime. The effective Range between the Transmitter and the Receiver is Approximately 30 meters Indoors* and Approximately 160 Meters Outdoors.
  • NO BATTERRIES REQUIRED: Eco-friendly ---Our Wireless Kinetic Switch Kits Includes a Wireless Key Panel and a RF Receiver. The RF Receiver Connect to Neutral Wire and Live Wire. The Switch Key Panel Use EnOcean's Technology and Powered by Pressing the Switch Panel. No battery needed at all.
  • Safety & Easy to Install - Self-protected & Fused (Normal 10A,Max load 16A). Only two easy steps for installation & pairing! Anyone can do it with some basic experience in wiring. The wall switch kit is self-powered and can be used with any light; halogen, incandescent, CFL bulbs, fluorescent tubes, LED lighting, etc
  • WATERPROOF AND ULTRA THIN: The Waterproof IP56 Enables This wireless Switch to be Used under Certain Special Conditions. With an Ultra-thin Design
  • Durable & Flexible Coding - Designed with Ultra-low Power Consumption, It can run up to 200,000 Hours, Last 20 years lifetime. One switch control multiple lights or multiple switches control one light, like 1-2 way, 3-way, multi-ways switch.(Separated Switch and Receiver are Sold in Our Store for More Control Combination)
  • Switch Technical Parameters:
  • Power Supply: Micro energy acquisition and self generating power
  • Communication Mode:FSK
  • Operating Frequency: 433MHz
  • Control Distance: 30m (indoor), 160m (outdoor)
  • Control Method: Pairing with Thinkbee wireless receiver
  • Waterproof: IP56 for Switches
  • Number of Gangs (Keys):1
  • Usage On/Off Times: 200,000
  • Dimensions: L3.4in x W3.4in x H0.6in
  • Weight: 88g
  • Waterproof: Yes