Say goodbye to keys and combinations

13th December 2018

 The Ener-j Smart Bluetooth + Fingerprint padlock is presently promoting and includes a unique finger       impression sensor for opening, and also a companion application with a Bluetooth unlock backup.

Sharing access is essential

Share Bluetooth get to remotely with boundless users. Set perpetual access or restricted access with adaptable dates and times, and don't hesitate to revoke, get to at whenever you need.

Ener-j genuine leeway over other brilliant locks is its flexibility – you can open it three diverse ways, including by means of unique finger impression and Bluetooth, as referenced, yet additionally utilizing a "Morse-Code" reinforcement example of squeezing the power catch with either long or short presses. That implies that regardless of what the distress situation is, you generally have an exit plan, so long as there's battery charge remaining.

Forefront unique mark innovation

Open in 0.8 seconds using your one of a character unique mark. Accumulate up to 500 unique fingerprints on one bolt and deal with multiple locks.

Water and climate-resistant

Water safe up to IP66, rust-verification and rain-evidence. Completely useful between - 10C and 60C (14F and 140F).

Shareable wireless access

Support wireless Bluetooth access by the Ener-j app. Share and control get to remotely to vast clients, and the view gets to history with time and location.

Rechargeable battery

Last up to a year battery life for every 2 hours charge time. Check remaining power using the Ener-j application.

Key Description includes -

  • With ENER-J's fingerprint unlock design you don't have to worry about losing your keys or forgetting the password. Through Capacities Touch Sensor, our smart padlock can identify your fingerprint accurately. Supports up to 16 groups of fingerprints.
  • We select ADC12 Aluminium Alloy and Type 303 Stainless Steel as material, which has excellent strength and will never rust. Great security performance will protect your cabinet and home against thieves.
  • Using QR Code provided in the package to download free APP (for Android and iOS), one can then enjoy convenient keyless design and share access with friends, family.
  • Battery display of APP can remind you to charge it on time. Can be easily charged by USB cable (micro USB port on bottom). By one full charge, the built-in battery can keep standby for one month or 1000 times unlock.
  • IP65 waterproof function can withstand ordinary wet environments and rainy weather. Perfect for outdoor and indoor use, such as suitcases, cabinets, bicycle, backpacks, school lockers, etc.