Wireless Grid Switch MK Grid Compatible

Wireless & Batteryless Kinetic Grid Switch very easy to install. Self-Powered 1 Gang Switch.


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  • Wireless Light Switch Kit,No Battery No Wiring, Easy to Install On/Off Switches for Lights Lamps Fans Appliances, Self-powered Kinetic Remote Controlled Light 1 Gang Switch and 500W Non Dimmable RF+Wi-Fi Receiver, Works with our APP as well as Voice control with Alexa and Google Home






    "Software support end date: 10/08/2027'


  • This wireless grid switch is compatible with the MK grid plus system and can be installed into MK grid plus plates. It can be used with the standard or with the dimming ECO Series receiving controller.
  • The energy produced by the device is very small, so the communicating hardware adheres to strict requirements on low power consumption, wireless transmission and creates a highly stable environment.
  • Micro energy acquisition (MEA) module constantly generates energy, thus eliminating the need for a battery or mains power supply.
  • The grid switch can be used from a maximum of 20m indoors. There is no longer a need to make holes or channel out for switch lines in the wall if you use ENER-J's wireless switch. The grid switch is safe, convenient, and extremely simple to install and use.
  • It has a built-in micro energy generator - when the switch is pressed the kinetic system transforms the movement into energy.

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