CLICK SCOLMORE MiniGrid 1 Gang Satin Chrome Finish

This stylish satin Chrome finish wireless grid switch is compatible with Click Mode MiniGrid system and can be installed into Click Mode MiniGrid plates.

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  • ENER-J’s 1 Gang Wireless Kinetic Grid Switch, designed in a stylish satin chrome finish, is compatible with the Click MiniGrid grid plus system. This innovative switch can be effortlessly installed into any Click MiniGrid plus face plate and works seamlessly with both standard and dimming ECO Range receiving controllers from ENER-J. Featuring a built-in micro energy generator, the switch harnesses kinetic energy from each press to transmit a signal, eliminating the need for traditional wiring. Ideal for achieving a vintage aesthetic while embracing modern convenience, this switch is a perfect addition to any home decor.

    Key Features:

    1. Wireless & Battery-Free:

      • Powered by a built-in micro energy generator, this switch transforms kinetic energy from each press into electrical energy, eliminating the need for wiring or batteries.
    2. Easy Installation:

      • Quick and simple to install, the switch is compatible with the Click MiniGrid grid plus system and face plates, allowing for a hassle-free setup.
    3. Versatile Usage:

      • Suitable for both standard and dimming applications, this switch can control various loads, making it highly versatile for different lighting setups.
    4. 2/3 Way Control:

      • Allows multiple switches to control a single receiver module without the need for rewiring, providing flexible control options for your lighting.
    5. Satin Chrome Finish:

      • The stylish satin chrome finish adds a vintage touch to your home decor, combining classic aesthetics with modern technology.


Specification Details
Power Source Reciprocating work by Grid Switch
Power Generation Mechanical force (no battery required)
Work Frequency 433MHz
Number of Keys 1 Key
Colour Satin Chrome
Lifetime 100,000 times
Operating Distance 20m (indoor)
Work Environment Temperature 20°C - 55°C
Weight 15g
Certifications CE, ROHS, FCC, UKCA

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