Non Dimmable 5A RF MAGIC Receiver

500W RF Receiver to be used with Our ECO SERIES Wireless Kinetic Switch. The receiver is simply wired between light fixture and power supply. Max Load 500W (including LEDs)

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  • Upgrade your lighting control experience with ENER-J's 500W RF Magic Receiver, meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with our ECO Range Series Wireless Kinetic Switches. This enchanting receiver module not only transforms any existing or traditional switch into a 2-way module but also empowers you to wirelessly command your lights through kinetic switches, ensuring unparalleled convenience and flexibility. Boasting an impressive range of up to 20 meters indoors and 80 meters outdoors (subject to the number and thickness of walls in between), you can effortlessly manage your lights using the wireless kinetic switches (sold separately). The receiver's sleek and robust design suits diverse lighting setups, and installation is a breeze, complete with safety features for worry-free operation. Elevate your lighting control to a new realm of sophistication.

    Upgrade Your Switch to a 2-Way: Say goodbye to concerns about your traditional switch always being on for your wireless switch to function. Our innovative receiver module works like magic—whether your hard-wired switch is off or on, the kinetic switch effortlessly toggles it in the opposite direction and vice versa. Enjoy seamless control and eliminate worries about switch positions.

    Easy Installation: The 500W RF Magic Receiver Module is easily wired between the light fixture and the power supply, enabling seamless integration with your lighting setup.

    Energy-Efficient: The receiver is self-protected and fused with a maximum load of 5A, providing a durable and energy-efficient solution for your lighting control needs.

    Ultra-Thin Design: With a slim profile, the remote-controlled light switch can be used under special conditions or even installed outdoors (inside a waterproof box) for added convenience.

    Durable & Flexible Coding: Designed with ultra-low power consumption, the receiver can run up to 200,000 hours, offering a 20-year lifetime. It allows one switch to control multiple lights or multiple switches to control one light, offering versatile control options.



Specification Value
Power Mode Kinetic Energy/Self Powered
Work Type 86 Push Button Type
Voltage AC 100-250V
Colour White
Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°C
Distance Up to 20m Indoor and 80m Outdoor
Communication RF 433MHz
WiFi Not Compatible
Product Size 64mm x 32mm x 24mm
Weight 35g
Warranty 2 Years
  • 500W RF Receiver
  • User Manual (English)

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