Wireless & Battery-Free 1-Gang Kinetic Grid Switch- Black Switch

Wireless & Battery-Free 1-Gang Kinetic Grid Switch, Black Body, Fits into a MK grid Plate


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  • Upgrade your lighting control with the innovative ENER-J's 1 Gang Wireless Kinetic Grid Switch in Black Colour, to fit into MK grid plate. No wiring, no batteries, and no drilling required. This energy-saving wireless switch is designed to fit seamlessly into your existing MK Logic Grid plate. Pair it with a compatible receiver module (not included) via RF433Mhz and wirelessly control your lighting circuits. Enjoy the convenience of a wireless switch without the hassle of traditional installation. Compatible with MK grid plus system and can be installed into MK grid plus plates.


    • No wiring, no batteries, no drilling needed - powered by kinetic energy
    • Fits into your existing MK Logic Grid plate. No complex wiring is required
    • Built-in micro energy generator with a lifetime of 200,000 on/off cycles
    • Can be used alongside mains voltage grid switches for expanded lighting control
    • IP65 rated Switch so can be used anywhere. Also one switch can control up to 10 receiver modules and vice-versa





    "Software support end date: 10/08/2027'


Specification Value
Work Type Push Button
Power Source Micro Energy Acquisition and self-powered
Communication Model FSK
Work Frequency 433Hz
Number of Keys / Colour 1 (1 gang) Black Body
Life Time 200,000 times on/off
Control Distance 30m (indoor)
Control Method Pairing with ECO Series Receiver Modules
Compatibility MK Logic Grid Plates
Warranty 3 Years

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