1 Gang Wireless Kinetic Switch ECO RANGE

Wireless 1 Gang Switch (white finish), Installation-Easy, Battery-Free Wall On/Off Switch Outdoor Waterproof IP65 Wireless Kinetic Switch for Lamp Electric Appliance. (Receiver Needs to be purchased separately)

  •   SKU - WS1050X

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  • Features: 

    • Self-supply and dimmable: The non dimmer/dimmer switch requires no batteries and no power connection. The energy is built up kinetically by pressing the switch. Small structure and can be used as non dimmable as well as dimmable. Through long press to circularly dim the brightness to suit any activity. Turn on the light again, and it maintains the last light intensity. With this ENER-J light switch, you don't need to pay the extra money to buy a dimmer.
    • Multiple light switches connectable: A receiver (not included) can be connected with up to 10 switches. This allows you to operate a light source with multiple switches. Quite simply as additional switches to existing light switches. Stepless dimming function and storage brightness.
    • Range and Usage: The effective range between transmitter and receiver (not included in the package) is approximately 30 meters indoors and approximately 160 meters outdoors. ENER-J receiver (not included in the package) can connect to multiple ENER-J switches. Ideal to control your garden house, outdoor lighting from the comfort of the house!
    • Never route power cables, ready for use: No slots knocking, no junction box required. Wireless use without drilling and screws. Can be mounted with adhesive tape or simply screwed on. Ready for use within a few minutes. The radio switch allows you to mount in all places. For example, Glue in glass, marble, wood, metal surface or traditional with screw.
    • Long life and warranty: Ultra-low-power design. Useful life up to 50 years and up to 200,000 keystrokes. Comes with 2 years warranty 





    "Software support end date: 10/08/2027'


Technical Specifications:

  • Gang: 1 Gang
  • Body Colour: White
  • Power mode: Self-powered (no battery)
  • Working frequency: 433MHZ
  • Waterproof level: IP67
  • Switching frequency: more than 200,000 clicks
  • Control distance: 80 meters outdoor area 25 meters indoor area
  • Dimensions: L85*W85*H10mm


  • How to use the item? Is it easy to install?

Super easy to install. In just 3 steps, you can add or relocate a wireless switch for your house within 5 minutes.

1. Install the receiver between the lamp to be controlled and the power supply,

2. Program the receiver and wireless switch,

3. The wireless switch can be placed where it matters, or carried with you.

  • If the switch is on and there is a power cut, will the switch still be on when power is restored? If not can the default action be changed?

The default setting is off, so the switch will not stay on. This can prevent the sudden increase in voltage and current when the power supply is restored from damaging the lamp.

The default setting can be changed by pressing and holding the receiver setting button for 16 seconds, and releasing your finger when the indicator light stays on.

  • Will it cause signal interference if multiple wireless switches are installed in the home?

No. The signal between the paired switch and the receiver is independent and encrypted. Will not cause interference.

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