13A Socket Adaptor RF Receiver for ECO Range Kinetic Switch

13A Socket Adaptor Receiver for ECO Wireless Kinetic Switches

  •   SKU - WS1080

  • Description


    • ENER-J's wireless socket adaptor with a high-efficiency switching power supply has a wide voltage range with excellent stability and durability.
    • A 13A relay. This kinetic wireless socket adaptor is equipped with an in-rush current suppression function, creating a safe and durable product.
    • Wireless Kinetic energy switch and wireless socket adaptor can be paired with any combination: a controller can be controlled by a maximum of 10 separate switches, a switch can pair an unlimited number of controllers.
    • Control Distance: Up to 20m (indoor) & up to 80m (outdoor)





    "Software support end date: 10/08/2027'


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