Electric Hot Water Tap

LED Display Screen. Ideal for Washing. In Built Heating Element. Temperature can reach as high as 50 degrees


  • Description


  • The ENER-J Instant Hot Water Tap gives you split second hot water which saves you both time and money on wasted water. It incorporates a touchscreen surface that allows you to adjust the temperature to suit you.

    • Instant for hot water, no wait, no waste
    • Stainless steel body, stainless steel faucet.
    • Patent heating technology
    • Double selection for cold water & hot water supply
    • Touch screen to operate the temperature setting, auto 300 memory function avoid repeated operation
    • LED digital outlet temp. & setting temp. are clear at glance
    • Double micro switch control avoid dry heating
    • Power cord can be connected above / under the table board.
    • The nozzle is rotatable in 180°
    • Voltage: 220-240V/50/60Hz
    • Power: 3.3kw
    • Min. water flow to active unit: 1L/min
    • Work pressure: 0.02-0.6MPa