WIFI Smart Door Lock Black Body Left Handle

Electronic Keyless Entry Door with Mortise Lock with 3 x RFID Cards + 3x Mechanical Key. Generate codes remotely and give it to your loved ones to open the door.


  • Description
  • Specifications


    • FIVE WAYS TO UNLOCK - ENER-J's Smart Door Lock will automatically relock after every time the door is used. Approved guests can unlock using fingerprint, ENERJSMART app, user password, RFID card and mechanical key; Support up to 3 master code,100 fingerprints and/or 100 RFID cards (Recommended Operating Temperature: >= -13?). Doorbell function, voice guide for easier and more convenient use. Suitable for 35-100mm door thickness.
    • ENERJSMART APP MONITOR ACCESS REMOTELY - The ENERJSMART app is designed for IOS and Android devices and gives you easy door access and tracking abilities. You can view the access logs in the app for detailed information about who has opened your door, at what times, and how they gained access.
    • EMERGENCY CHARGING AND POWER-SAVING - Equipped with emergency charging port and back up charger. Don't need to worry about being locked outside as you just need 4 pieces AAA batteries to get it back to working. Backlit Keypad for use in night. The backlit keypad will be automatically light up when any button is pressed. Not only convenient and power-saving, but also with smart sensor light that when you enter the correct code the green light will be on.
    • WEATHERPROOF FUNCTION - Made of Zinc Alloy stainless steel that durable and secure. It's easy to clean and not easy to rust. Boasts with weather-sealed components that prevent dust and dirt from entering, allowing it to function in most weather conditions.
    • PRIVACY PROTECTION AND ANTI-PEEPING  -Add the random numbers before and after the correct password, the door will unlock as long as the password contains continuous correct password. Temporary Keys-you can schedule temporary keys for visitors or guests. This makes it easy not only to give access, but also to restrict it.


Design - Aluminum alloy die casting & Paint & IML process Cover plate

Physical Size - 260*60*24.5mm

Total Weight - 1KG
Color - Black

Communication and network

  •     WiFi - Support (802.11 b/g/n @2.4GHz)
  •     NB olt - Support


  •     Emergency power supply - Support
  •     Audio output - Support
  •     Breathing lamp of the handle - Support

Push-button type

  •     Touch digital keypad

Level of the key

  •     C

Mode of clutch

  •     DC motor


  •     Quantity - 4
  •     Nature - Alkali dry battery
  •     Spec - 4.5V - 6.5V
  •     Standby time - More than 10,000 hours

Types of the door

  •     Wooden door - Support, compatible 6052 lock
  •     Security door - Support, compatible 6053 lock
  •     Steel door - Support, compatible 6054 lock<
  •     Room door - Support, compatible 6055 lock
  •     Villa Door - No

   Unlocking method

  •     Fingerprint - Support
  •     Password (PIN) - Support<
  •     NFC card - Support (frequency:13.56MHz; Reading distance:above 6-15mm; Unlocking time:1-2ms)
  •     Key - Support
  •     Management software - Support
  •     APP - Support
  •     Cloud platform - Support Amazon

The thickness of the door

  •     4-10 CM

The opening and closing ways of the door

  •     Open door from left - Support
  •     Open door from right - Support
  •     Open door from inside - Support
  •     Open door from outside - Support

 Other function

  •     Anti-theft via Cat eye - No
  •     Open door via ID card - No
  •     Combinatorial unlocking mode - No
  •     Anti-peep - No
  •     Fictitious cipher - Support
  •     Temporary Password - Support

Other parameters

  •     Alarm when low voltage - Open about 50 times after alarm
  •     Password protection - Locking the lock 180s if 5 times wrong
  •     Alarm Mode - Bell ring
  •     Anti prying alarm - No
  •     length of the password - 6 - 8 number

Electrical properties

  •     Static standby power - <50uA
  •     Operation power consumption - Average <150mA/H

Environmental requirements

  •     Temperature requirement - "Working temperature:-30C~+55C, Storage temperature:-35C~+60C"
  •     Humidity requirement - No more 90%
  •     Reliability and certification requirements - Contact 8+/-kV, Air +/-15kV
  •     Certification - CA


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