Smart Intelligent Bidet Toilet

Smart Intelligent Bidet Toilet with Touch Sensor, Warm Seat, Auto-Open, Auto Wash, Auto Flush, Heated Water, Warm Air Drying, Adjustable Water Pressure

  •   SKU - SHA5330

  • Description


  • The flush is powered directly by main supply and minimum 5bar pressure is required.

    Smart Intelligent Bidet Toilet Remote Controlled, Touch Sensor, Warm Seat, Auto-Open & Close Seat, Auto-wash, Auto-Flush, Heated Water, Warm Air Drying, Adjustable Water Pressure. Minimum 5 bar water pressure required. Not suitable for low water pressure systems


    • Auto Clean Auto Flush Smart Toilet.
    • Foot Sensor - Open & Close Soft Close Technology Seat.
    • Auto Warm Toilet Seat - Temperature Adjustment.
    • Auto Heated water.
    • Auto Drying.
    • Hygienic No Hand Touch.