About Ventilation Fans

A very common product in the UK electrical wholesale market. Most of our target audience stocks this category. The creative needs to show that our product is unique as compared to other several brands available in the market

Low Power, High Speed, Less Noise, Energy Efficient Extractor fans for your bathroom & kitchen

"Add a breath of fresh air to your bathroom with our extractor fan ventilation range. Avoid steamed-up mirrors and damp problems with our easy-to-install ceiling and wall extractors, bringing comfort and cleanliness to your bathroom.
Designed to reduce humidity levels within the bathroom and improve indoor air quality, our innovative extractor fans can combat window condensation, damp and mould problems.
As well as being incredibly silent running, our low noise model boasts a range of stylish and innovative features, alongside the ability to combat condensation on windows, reducing the risk of mould problems.