About Infrared Heating Panels

Energy Efficient, Easy Install, Zero Maintenance. Infrared heating panels radiate heat in a similar way to the sun, via infrared. This is a more effective form of heating than traditional convection heat. It looks great, takes up very little space, can be wall or ceiling mounted or freestanding and comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit your room.

Why Infrared Heaters in your Home?

Infrared heating is emitted from the heater, which then travels unimpeded through the air until it hits an object. The object absorbs the radiation, causing molecules within it to vibrate, producing heat.

If the waves come into contact with humans, they will travel about an inch into the body providing a feeling of deep heat, but even if you are not directly in the way of the waves, any solid body will vibrate when the waves hit them, causing them to radiate heat back towards you.

Despite being able to purchase gas, oil and solid fuel infrared heaters, we suggest using electric infrared panels in the home, since you do not need to integrate any pipe work or fuel storage facilities when you install the panels. There are also no direct emissions associated with using the electrical panels. They also can be placed high up on the walls or the ceiling, so they will be easy to keep away from pets and children (they get about as warm as a standard radiator).

Energy savings from infrared heaters

Infrared heating works by heating the surface area of a room, rather than the volume (as is the case the traditional convection heaters), which means they are heating considerably less to provide the same amount of heat.

The following worked example compares a 600 Watt infrared heat panel and a standard 1500 Watt convection heater (like for like providing the same comfort of heat), providing heat up to 4 months of winter (November through to Feb) for 8 hours a day at a cost of £0.14 per kWh of electricity.

  Infrared Heater Convection Heater
Energy rating 600 Watts 1500 Watts
Electricity units per hour 0.60 1.50
Thermostat savings 50% 80%
Total electrical units used 288 1152
total cast £ 40.32 £ 161.28
  • The units are compact and can be designed to provide another function such as a mirror in the bathroom, which helps save room.
  • Since infrared heaters heat solid objects in the home like walls, they prevent any moisture build up on these surfaces and so inhibit the spread of mould.
  • Fit and forget technology, very little maintenance required
  • These heaters are emission free (i.e. no fuel is burnt in their operation) and if they are used in conjunction with renewable energy sources like solar PV, you are producing 100% clean heat.
  • The way these heaters heat a room is more efficient than conventional convection heaters so they are more cost effective to run.
  • Infrared heaters warm solid objects with a thermal capacity, therefore if a room is draughty or a door is opened, the solid objects retain the heat keeping the room warm.