Wireless Lights Switch Kit with 1 Gang White and 500W Receiver

No Wiring No Battery No WiFi Required Remote Control Lighting & Appliances On/Off Paired up Receiver (Switch and Receiver)

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    • No Wifi, No Battery, No Wiring Required - Great for controlling indoor lighting, lamps, small appliances and seasonal lighting. Multiple units can be used in the same house without interference problem
    • Quick Relocate or Remodel Light Switch without Wiring - easily remodel your existing switches location, Create a switch for lights which don't have switch or no wall switch, like pull chain light fixture, ceiling lights.
    • Save Install Cost and Time - No pulling wires & no wiring to the switch, no tearing walls. The receiver is simply wired between light fixture and power supply. Save huge labor and material costs comparing with traditional switch
    • Safety & Super- easy Setup - No electric leakage problems, water-resistance switch can work in wet/ humid environment like bathroom, outdoor, kitchen. Small receiver easily fits into wiring boxes and has built-in fuse & self-protected. Instantly create a switch anywhere you want or use as portable remotes. Self adhesive/ Screw-in installation for your choice
    • Create Multi Location Switch - The switch is designed to control multiple lights that are in range, and one light can be controlled by up to 10 wireless switches. Compatible any lamps like halogen, incandescent, CFL, fluorescent, LED. GOOD use for Staircase, Stairwell, Garage, Basement, Wooden villa, House Enterance, Attic, Hallway, Loft, Kitchen, etc. Controlling lights wherever you want right now! 3 Years Warranty! Over 20 Years Lifespan 
    • You can have a switch control multiple lights or multiple switches control a light, like 1-2 way, 3-way, multi-ways switch.
    • Switch Technical Parameters: Power Supply: Micro energy acquisition and self-generating power Operating Frequency: 433MHz Control Distance:160m (outdoor),30m (indoor) Control Method: Pairing with our wireless receiver Waterproof: IP56 for Switches Number of Gangs (Keys):1 Usage On/Off Times: 200,000 Dimensions: L85mm x W85mm x H15mm Weight: 86g


ENER-J Wireless Switch Kit use Micro Energy Acquisition Technology.. It is Powered by Pressing Switch Panel to Transmit the Signal.
No Pulling Wires to your Switch Location, No Tearing Walls, No Battery.

  • Quickly Add Switch to your Light or Remodel Existing Switches.
  • Easily Design your New House Decoration or Old House Remodel Dreams!
  • No battery, No wiring /Wifi/App required.
  • Works with any lights like halogen/incandescent/CFL/fluorescent/LED light.
  • Operate Frequency: 433mhz
  • Control transmission distance up to 500 feet outdoor, 100 feet for indoor.


How ENER-J's Wireless Switch Kit Works ?

Wireless switch kit is consist of switch and receiver.

  • 1. Switch: Self-powered RF transmitter, battery-free and no external power need (Place anywhere in your house)
  • 2. Receiver: Accept transmitter (switch) signal to switch power on/off to light. (Wired between power and lamp)
  • 3. Click switch(transmitter) sends wireless signal to receiver to accomplish power on/off control
  • A switch can pair with multiple receivers to accomplish one switch simultaneously control several lamps
  • A receiver can pair with several switches to accomplish 1-2 way switch system ,3- way switch system, Multi-way switch system ( MAX 3 switches )
  • Allows to penetrate 2 Walls / 2-3 Floors without any problem, 10 times strong signal Compared with the Wifi Switch!!!



Create Flexible Control Ways


  • 1 switch kit (1 switch+1 receiver): Build two way switch (1 switch control on/off)
  • 1 switch kit + 1 switch: Build three way switch system (2 switches control on/off)
  • 1 switch kit + switches: Build multi way switch system (multi switches control on/off)
  • 1 switch kit + 1 receiver: Create one switch simultaneously control two lights which in different circuit.
  • 1 switch kit + receivers: Create one switch simultaneously control several lights which in different circuit
  • A receiver offers one channel output. It could be paired with multiple switches for flexible control. Also one switch could be paired up multiple receivers to control a group of lights.


Limitless Installation & Wide Application


  • Fast installation in any location, easily paste on any surface of glass, marble, wood, ect.
  • Add switches to lamps which don't have switch or no wall switch, like pull chain light fixture, ceiling lights, etc.
  • Relocate a light switch without pulling wires tearing walls, remodel existing mechanical switches location.
  • Wide applications for home, office, hotel, supermarket, factory, hospital, old building, hazardous locations, public buildings.



  • Encrypted RF wireless signal can go through 2 or 3 walls without interference problem
  • Battery-free kinetic switch, Energy Saving.
  •  Over 20 years lifetime.
  • Switch size: 3.85"x3.85"x0.58",
  • Receiver size: 2.75" x 1.72" x 1.11'




  • Switch water resistance.
  • Receiver is simply wired between light fixture and power supply.
  •  Package Included:
  • 1 x Self-powered switch
  • 1 x Remote receiver (max 500W)
  • 1pc x 3M Adhesive Tape
  • 2pcs x Manual(Switch & Receiver Each)

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