500W RF Non Dimmable receiver for PRO RANGE Kinetic Switches

500W Receiver for Non Dimmable Wireless Switch PRO SERIES


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  • This Receiver works with our Pro Range Series Wireless Kinetic Switches WS1024/WS1025/WS1035/WS1021/WS1022. Switches not included when you order receivers Separately


    • This 500W RF Receiver is Wired between the Light Fixture and the Power Supply. The Kinetic Switch does not need any Wired Connection. Wireless Remote Control Enables Easy Operation Anywhere, Anytime. The effective Range Between the Transmitter and the Receiver is Approximately 30 meters Indoors* and Approximately 160 Meters Outdoors.
    • [EASY To INSTALL & SAFETY] -- Built-in Self-protected & Fused(Max load 5A).Receiver is simply wired between the Light Fixture and the Power Supply. The switch does not require any wiring connection.The wall switch kit is self-powered and can be used with any light; halogen, incandescent, CFL bulbs, fluorescent tubes, LED lighting, etc.
    • [ULTRA THIN DESIGN]--Remote Controlled Light Switch with Slim design,it can be Used under Certain Special Conditions.So you can even install it outside.
    • [DURABLE & FLEXIBLE CODING]-- Designed with Ultra-low Power Consumption, It can Run up to 200,000 Hours,Last 20 years lifetime. one switch control multiple lights or multiple switches control one light, like 1-2 way, 3-way, multi-ways switch.


5A RF Receiver to be used with Our PRO SERIES Wireless Kinetic Non Dimmable Switch. The receiver is simply wired between light fixture and power supply. Max Load 500W (including LEDs)