About Solar PV Kits

The average family home needs a solar PV panel that provides about 3kW of electricity. Solar panel prices have reduced by over 70% in the last few years. You can earn up to £8,080 through the Government's feed-in tariff and save 50% on your electricity bills.

"By fitting solar panels you are able to generate your own electricity, saving on energy bills and rising fuel costs. Among the ways you will benefit:

  • A tax-free income with the Feed-in-Tariff for every unit of electricity, your panels generate. Regardless of what you use.
  • Reduce your electricity bills by using the free electricity.
  • Improve your homes Energy Performance Rating.
  • Do your Bit for the Environment
  • Increase your Property's value

The benefits of generating your own free electricity are enormous, massive savings on your electric bill and you can power all your appliances washing machine fridges freezers tumble dryer, heat your hot water, under floor heating, storage heaters, charge electric cars, etc with this system
Our systems excludes AC wire to connect to your existing fuse board And also does not include Roof mounts which are too varied to include as there are many array variations available.
You can fit this kit to the roof of houses, sheds, garages, stables, summerhouses, extensions, workshops, carports or ground arrays, barns,fields etc. Please note this system has to be connected to the incoming mains to work and is not an off-grid system.